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About Us

Wolf Song Horse Dynamics offers instruction in riding and various groundwork techniques to help people AND their horses. Focusing on horse-centric methods so the horse's needs, nature and individuality are taken into consideration. Currently offering lessons and clinics at your location in southern Maine and surrounding areas.

Jill Olivier has a lifetime of working with animals, specializing in horses, dogs and alpacas, and has many different and often unusual experiences in those worlds. A firm believer of lifelong learning, she is constantly improving her knowledge from a wide variety of sources. She has completed Chris Irwin's first Train the Trainer series offered in the U.S., and is also a Level 1 Centered Riding instructor.

Riding lessons are based on a balanced seat, which can be applied to any discipline--English, Western, trail or anything else. Groundwork includes respect, focus and connection, as well as longeing and long lining. 

We can offer unique courses to existing programs at your facility, such as drill and performance (most people love the costuming and choreography), Medieval games and more.

We also present clinics, and are currently looking for host sites. Current topics are pole & cavaletti work, and helping the horse use their body correctly both on the ground (in hand, longeing, long lining) and under saddle (hint: start by riding the horse's bend, NOT the arena wall). Other topic ideas welcomed (example: putting together and riding a drill). Feel free to contact us if you are interested or know someone who might be.